About Sheer Associates
We understand that the ultimate purpose of marketing is to comprehend, attract and engage. To assist clients in achieving this goal, we specialize in developing marketing materials and expressions from beginning concept to finished implementation. Simply put, we help organizations reach their communication goals. Using our experience with branding organizations, we utilize logo development, message development, print literature, electronic marketing, direct marketing, social media, advertising, and website design, putting special emphasis on identity building and branding through graphic design and strategic planning.

Founded in 1979, Sheer Associates is the oldest marketing and advertising agency in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Our success has been achieved through what we have learned from our extensive experience coupled with our creative talents.

Our organization is evaluated on the quality of each marketing expression we create for our clients: its design, its cost-effectiveness, and the success of its implementation. This philosophy helps to define the quality of our work and align our commitment to our clients' mission. We work with our clients to determine the best methods for delivering value and customize our services to their unique requirements.

Our clients range from international corporations, to regionally based companies located throughout the Southeast, to local family owned businesses in the Triangle Area of North Carolina. In fact, it is our diversity of clients that provides us with our wide variety of experiences and problem-solving capabilities, which we bring to each marketing campaign we help create.

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