Strategic Planning
Strategic planning is simply an ongoing process that consists of setting goals and determining the best ways to reach them.

Approached properly, the process can be as awarding as the result.
  • How immediate is your need?
  • Is your product/service thoroughly considered?
  • Is your market niche clearly in sight?
  • Have you finished your communication plan?
  • Do you have an implementation strategy?
  • Is it time to focus on market promotion?
  • How will you know if these promotions are working?
  • How do you integrate your marketing objectives with communication goals?
  • How will your short term strategies reinforce your long term goals?

Strategic planning can take a marketing plan and turn it into an active company verb. An effective strategic plan provides direction and a context for future marketing efforts. At Sheer Associates, we believe marketing plans shouldn't be something you have; they should instead be something you do.

Our Services Include:
  • Planning and Consultation
  • Research
  • Organizational Assessments
  • Vision, Mission, and Value Development
  • Tactics, Goals, Objectives, and Targets
  • Communication Plans
  • Team Building and Leadership Development
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